Post Natal Pilates for Mums & Bubs.

For many mums post birth, one of the biggest things on their agenda is ensuring their bodies recover correctly, in particular that their muscles regain the strength and tone that they may have lost during their pregnancy or in the early weeks post delivery.

The best place to start in those early months post-birth is with your core muscles – pelvic floor, abdominal and the stabilizing muscles around your back and pelvis. By resetting your foundation muscles with exercise such as Pilates, not only will everyday activities such as lifting your baby become easier but you will also find returning to more intensive exercise easier and reduce your risk of future injury.

The FITMUMs Program combines core stability exercises, pregnancy and postnatal safe Pilates, pelvic floor strengthening, stretching and mobility exercises suitable for new Mums. Through these classes you will gain the confidence, strength and knowledge to safely return to other forms of exercise and to function better at home when performing day to day activities.

All of our pregnancy and post natal Pilates programs are designed by Amy, our Physiotherapist.

What are the benefits of Pilates in early post natal days?

Post-natal Mums and Bubs Pilates classes are led by our Physiotherapist, Amy, who specialises in pregnancy and post natal care. Designed to safely help your body back to full strength after pregnancy and childbirth, the benefits include:

  • regaining your pelvic floor strength and recovery in a safe, appropriate and functional way
  • reducing abdominal separation
  • building deep abdominal, hip, and back strength
  • lifting your mood and getting to know other mums
  • improving your fitness and muscle tone while having fun with your baby!