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Get the confidence, strength and knowledge to know exactly how to keep yourself and your baby safe, healthy and strong during and after your pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Pilates

The FITMUMS PHYSIO offers a Prenatal Pilates service whereby each woman has their own personalised program that includes core stability exercises, pregnancy Pilates exercises, pelvic floor strengthening together with stretching and mobility exercises. 

These programs are designed to assist a pregnant woman’s body to stay fit and healthy during the course of their pregnancy as well as prepare them for the delivery of their baby and their recovery after birth.

Our pregnancy Pilates programs are designed by Physiotherapists and endorsed by Obstetricians with you and your baby in mind.

Our Physiotherapist Amy will guide you through our pregnancy exercises slowly and thoroughly while also providing education on the reasoning behind each exercise to give you the confidence, strength and knowledge on all things related to your pregnancy and baby.

All pregnancy Pilates programs begin with a 45 minute assessment where Amy will discuss any past history or pregnancy-related issues as well as helping you to articulate your own personal goals for labour and after the arrival of your baby.

A thorough but gentle physical assessment will be carried out to determine any postural weaknesses and alignment changes and pelvic floor issues.

The Pregnancy Clinical Pilates classes run for 45 minutes, with single and multi-session passes available via the MINDBODY APP.