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Welcome to The FITMUMS Physio

Hi, and welcome to my FITMUMS Physio Service. My name is Amy Laurie and I have been a registered physiotherapist since 2009 and I specialise in Women’s Health, in particular pre- and postnatal health and wellness. I am also clinically trained in Pilates and recently became a mum to my daughters Hannah in 2016 and Chloe in 2019.

I teach mums (including soon to be mums) how to strengthen the muscles around their pelvis, back and abdominals through a mix of Pilates and stability exercises to ensure they feel well during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

As a specialised women’s health physiotherapist, I completely understand the physical issues faced by women both before and after birth. Incontinence, pelvic pain, pregnancy related problems, prolapse, and returning to exercise are all terms I understand and treat within my FITMUMS Physio Services.

Pregnancy Physiotherapy

During pregnancy, your body goes through immense changes to accommodate for the life growing inside you. With the changing shape of your body and the added effects of pregnancy hormones, it is very common to experience aches and pains in pregnancy.

The physical symptoms experienced during pregnancy can include:

  • Abdominal separation
  • Back pain
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pubic bone pain
  • Rib pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle cramping
  • Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, such as bladder leakage and urgency

Women’s Health

How is The FITMUMS Physio Service different?

After graduating in 2009, women’s health physiotherapist Amy began to develop a keen interest in the realm of women’s health. However since falling pregnant and delivering her daughter in 2016, Amy’s passion for all things women’s health grew immensely, in particular surrounding the prenatal and postnatal health of women.

Amy is caring, sensitive and thorough in her assessment and management for each woman, ensuring all their needs are met and looked after.

We appreciate that every woman’s physiotherapy needs and fitness goals are different.

During your initial assessment, Amy will conduct extensive questioning about your pelvic floor function as well as your bladder and bowel habits to allow for the best diagnosis and treatment.

If the patient is comfortable then Amy will proceed to conduct an internal vaginal examination as this will enable her to thoroughly assess any areas of weakness, spasm or change to your pelvic floor muscles and to assess for any degree of vaginal prolapse of your pelvic organs.

An internal examination will ensure Amy can make the most accurate diagnosis and thereby provide the best management plan. All of this cannot be achieved externally.

As required, Amy will communicate with any other health professionals involved – your regular physiotherapist, referring doctor or gynaecologist/obstetrician – to achieve the best outcome for you.

Are you pregnant or a new mum? Do you want the best for you and your baby?

Our Pre and Postnatal FITMUMS classes are designed specifically with the pregnant woman and new mother in mind.

These classes allow women to stay fit and strong during their pregnancy and assist new mothers to regain their health and fitness following the birth of their baby.

The FITMUMS classes include a combination of strength, cardiovascular and core base training, with all exercises tailored to meet the individual needs of each woman participating.

The sessions are run by our Physiotherapist Amy who specialises in women’s health and wellness.

Amy is also available for private one to one sessions if you would prefer a more intimate approach to your training and rehabilitation.

In your pregnancy, do you want the best for you and your baby? As a new mum, do you want to ensure you recover correctly from your pregnancy and delivery?

The small group classes include gentle postural strengthening, stretching and pelvic floor muscle training.

These exercises will assist the pregnant woman adapt to her changing body and prepare for birth while working to support the new mother as she adjusts to life with a baby and to help her recover successfully from her baby’s delivery.

Babies are welcome at our post-natal classes.

Private one to one sessions with our trained physiotherapist Amy are also available for pelvic floor education, rehabilitation and retraining before and after birth.

“This is exactly what I needed!”


Amy is amazing, she guides you through each exercise and caters for all levels. Before having my son I worked out quite a bit and having Amy to guide me back into exercise post partum gave me confidence both physically and mentally. The kids love watching and playing while Mum gets some quality time. I would highly recommend the Mums & Bubs classes and pilates! Thanks so much Amy!

Penny M (IPSS CNC at Royal Melbourne Hospital)

What do I do next?

Contact Us. You don't need a doctor's referral to see our physiotherapists. We'll be happy to chat about your needs.