October 3

Recovery from Post Birth & Exercise



Recovery postbirth is never simple…as mother’s we are confronted with many challenges – there is the physical healing our bodies must undergo following pregnancy and the delivery of our babies, sleep deprivation, learning new skills like breast feeding and how to care for a little human…and so many more!

So it is very acceptable and normal to feel overwhelmed and like you aren’t getting anywhere at times 🙈

BUT we must remember why we started this journey…you made a great choice in choosing to invest in you, in your recovery and healing…there will forever be things that pause this journey or make it that little bit harder.

I always say consistency is KEY…keep trying and the progress will come. You will regain the strength and mobility you lost and you will discover a new, stronger body that will be capable of caring for your little ones as they grow 😍

Just recently I have really started to see my training come together, I am attempting some more challenging exercises and at home I can get up and down off the floor holding either my baby or my toddler without feeling weak or unbalanced 💪💪

This post became longer than I originally planned but I am very passionate about helping women in their postnatal journey 🥰

Have a great Thursday ladies, remember no Saturday classes this week as I am away.


About the author 

Physio Amy

Developed by Amy LAURIE, a physiotherapist since 2009 that specilises in women's health. The FIT MUMS Physio is one of the most well-researched, comprehensive programs for women living in Melbourne, VICTORIA.

Hi, I'm Amy Laurie, owner of The FIT MUMS Physio, an expert in Women's Health and a specialised Physiotherapist with expert knowledge of therapeutic exercise methods for pregnancy and the postnatal mum.

I am a Mum to my two beautiful daughters Hannah (in 2016) & Chloe (in 2019) and have created my program for women so they can achieve their goals and feel more comfortable in their bodies.

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