July 31

The FIT MUMS Program

Womens Health


The offical FIT MUMS Program run by pelvic floor physiotherapist Amy LAURIE.

Contact Physio Amy – https://www.mumsbubsfitness.com.au/contact-us/

About the author 

Physio Amy

Developed by Amy LAURIE, a physiotherapist since 2009 that specilises in women's health. The FIT MUMS Physio is one of the most well-researched, comprehensive programs for women living in Melbourne, VICTORIA. Hi, I'm Amy Laurie, owner of The FIT MUMS Physio, an expert in Women's Health and a specialised Physiotherapist with expert knowledge of therapeutic exercise methods for pregnancy and the postnatal mum. I am a Mum to my two beautiful daughters Hannah (in 2016) & Chloe (in 2019) and have created my program for women so they can achieve their goals and feel more comfortable in their bodies.

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